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About Us

Gradation Music is a small music production company and label established in 2014, currently supporting Houston-based recording artist FERNI, as well as his new band WE ARE STORIES. 

Ferni is an indie musician from the Lone Star state who has been making waves in the Texas music scene for years. From his early days as a creative pre-teen, scribbling lyrics on notebook paper and recording melodies on an old cassette recorder, to his current status as a seasoned performer, Ferni has honed his craft on numerous stages. His music is a captivating blend of rock, new wave, blues and Americana influences, brought to life by insightful and introspective lyrics that tug at the heartstrings.  He is the founding member of past groups BROTHER SOL (Austin) and OF LOVE AND JUSTICE (Houston). While he actively releases music as a solo artist, Ferni's main musical focus is being vocalist/guitarist for the new Houston rock band WE ARE STORIES

As Gradation Music eventually expands, its goal is to help other independent artists record, produce and release their music to an international audience in a helpful, cooperative partnership and realize the vision for their creative work.

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The following releases from Gradation Music are available internationally - directly on Bandcamp (linked below), Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Pandora, Deezer and many more.

Dangerous (Single) by FERNI

2023 (Digital)

All These Catapults by FERNI

2023 (Digital - CD - Vinyl)

Don't Let Go (Single) by FERNI

2021 (Digital)

Elbie (Single) by FERNI

2020 (Digital)

Angels (Single) by FERNI

2018 (Digital)

Wasted On You (Single) by FERNI

2018 (Digital)

Waiting for the Flood (Remastered Single) by FERNI

2018 (Digital)

Change of Heart (Single) by FERNI

2015 (Digital)

Afterburn (EP) by FERNI

2013 (Digital - CD)

Live in Austin, TX 1993 (EP) by BROTHER SOL

2021 (Digital - CD)

Revolution 1989 by OF LOVE AND JUSTICE

2018 (Digital - CD)

Revolution 1989 Volume II: Demos by OF LOVE AND JUSTICE
2023 (Digital - CD)

We All Start Somewhere by OF LOVE AND JUSTICE

2023 (Digital)

Lonely Hearts (Single) by PASSION GAME

2023 (Digital)

Serpent World (Single) by BARELY PLAYERS

2023 (Digital)