Gradation Music provides music production for independent artist and also acts as a tiny record label, currently supporting Houston-based recording artist FERNI and indie rock band We Are Stories. Our goal is simply to help independent artists record and release their music to an international audience in and realize the vision for their creative work.



"The latest offering from Ferni is the Afterburn EP. The 7 song record is bursting with emotion that will make its way deep into your soul with each listen. From the opener “Wonderful” and its empty room piano melody accompanied by the haunting yet warm vocal track, you know you are in for a special listen. I had flashbacks of Greg Dulli from the Afghan Whigs at times with this song." - Keith Pro (

"How Do You Like Me adds a set of drums to the mix, halving the overall run time of Wonderful in the creation a funky track that links together The Wallflowers and Tom Petty. The multiple layers of the vocals provide further depth to this composition, showcasing a wholly different façade to Ferni. The chunky bass line that plays at the bottom of the track makes this a sterling track for this EP." - James McQuiston (NeuFutur Magazine)

"“Wonderful” is a stunningly beautiful opening track. And fortunately, he doesn’t disappoint with the tracks still left to come. “Blame” shows off Ferni’s instrumental talents with an electric guitar solo about halfway through. And like the rest of his music, the track also shows off his vocal skills and his writing abilities. His gruff, raspy vocals really make this EP and this track specifically pop." - Alec Cunningham (Blank Newspaper, Review You)

"There are so many great, lesser known voices out there in the world, and on some occasions I am privileged enough to write about them.  With these days of accessibility to music everywhere, we get to hear songs we would never otherwise have heard.  Ferni Lopez is a veteran blues/rock singer from the Houston area, and his ages-old voice packs the emotional wallop that just doesn’t grow on trees.  “Wonderful” is not everyone’s cup of tea – it’s a thoughtful, deliberately paced, sparse-sounding blues/rock song.  But regardless of your rock music affinities, it will rivet you with its subtleties and intensities.  Yup, all in one song." - Bill Smith (BILLCSMUSIC.BLOG)

"The arrangements and the composition have been put together skillfully. Needless to say, it’s quite surprising that one man can perform a song fit for an entire four-piece band, but Ferni's the living proof for this.” - Katarzyna 'NINa’ Górnisiewicz (Fabryka Music Magazine)


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